Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More history for those who missed it.

Dan went back to the ER after having an ERCP on Nov. 17th. While in the ER, he was given an IV push pain med (2nd dose) and then taken right to x-ray for a standing chest x-ray. Shortly thereafter I head a code blue called for radiology which was then cancelled. He had 'passed out' and hit the floor. Once I got the medical records from Bergan, I found that Dan did have a seizure after he fell. He did not remember anything from when he stood for the CXR until he was coming out of the other end of the CT scanner. 

This past Saturday I awoke to the bed shaking. He had a seizure and did not start breathing even after I opened his airway. Three breaths brought him around. I called 911. He does not remember anything up to the point of wondering why there were strange men in our bedroom. Another CT and an MRI did not show a bleed or any type of lesion.  

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