Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Past info some wanted but missed...

  • Pancreatic cyst needle biopsy was benign. Done on Oct. 20th I think. They will monitor it to be sure it doesn't change in size. 
  • The 'stone' they saw in the common bile duct during the pancreas biopsy was actually sludge rather than a stone per se. Has not had the recommended Ultrasound of the gall bladder yet. Surgery to remove gb originally scheduled for Dec. 6th but will wait on that until the rest of his health is more stable. 
  • The left shoulder has full tears in 3 areas as a result of his fall in the xray dept. of an Omaha hospital.  The ortho surgeon will look with a scope but thinks he will need to use an incision to open the area to be able to do the repairs. This surgery is scheduled for Thur. Dec. 1 at 1000 at BryanLGH East.  
  • Although no one has officially said he suffered a concussion in his fall in the xray dept. of an Omaha hospital, it seems apparent to me. There is still a 5 cm. sized area that is tender on the right posterior side of his head. He had a spontaneous episode of vomiting last Tuesday, Nov. 22nd at ~10 p.m. (Last pain med had been at 3 p.m. so doubtful that caused it.) Short term memory loss at times and difficulty with time sequencing.
    Hopefully this has brought everyone that is interested up to date and not been TMI for most of you!

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