Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Countdown to Vietnam

1. Class Prep: Dr. Kay Avant and I have completed our syllabus and course outline. We will have 37 MSN students. I am working on my lectures (Concept Analysis/Concept Development, Orem, and Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms). Waiting to see if the Steering Committee has any revisions for us to make. I think that I need to revise my PowerPoint lectures to make sure that my students can understand what I am trying to communicate. I guess that is always the goal but even more important to break everything down to simple terms for these students with somewhat limited English language abilities.
2. Travel Prep: Our spare bedroom is a jumble of clothes, suitcases, travel accessories (thank you to my children for all of these items!), and lists. I have trouble packing when I am just going out of town for a weekend let alone for a total of 3 weeks. I have received my boosters for Hep B and Tetnus/dip/p (thank you NWU Student Health Center). Still plan to get the first dose of Hep A later this week. My family doc provided a Rx for an antibiotic just in case.  Still need to get my cell phone set up for International use and find out if I can use my credit card in Vietnam.
3. Made what could be my worst hair-do mistake in a decade. I thought a perm would be a good idea. It is hot, humid, and rains often in VN. It is a wash and wear hair-do but I hardly recognize myself when I look in the mirror. Guess I will get used to it and may end up being happy to have an easy style.
4. Unfortunately, my new in August camera is broken. Sent it in for repairs yesterday. Cannot find my old camera which still worked. I may need to purchase another camera for the trip.
5. I am trying to mentally prepare for the long plane ride. I do not like flying. One might wonder why I would agree to a trip that includes one leg that is 16 hours long! Fear of flying (isn't that a book?...) should not prevent me from taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity. I have a pillow, blanket, eye mask, personal fan, anti-embolism socks, and some Benadryl so I should be fine. :>)  
More later...

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