Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getting close

Personal: Packing almost done. Just need to add last minute things--computer, Ipad, etc. to carry on bag. My repaired camera arrived a few days ago, just in time. Have removed my diamond jewelry. We had a nice Birthday Dinner last night at my son's house for me, Ariell, and his wife Emily since I will be landing in HCM City on my actual birthday. Dan can officially start driving again today since it has been 3 months since his last seizure so my official driving duties are done.
Professional: Have completed my lectures and Powerpoints for Concept Analysis, Orem, and am working on the Theory of Unpleasant Symptoms. We have our syllabus and course guide completed and it will be sent to UMP nursing faculty tomorrow. Need to continue to work on grading my own students' theory papers--10 done and 11 to go--so I can be ready to post their final grades by Wednesday.
Stay tuned...

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