Monday, March 19, 2012

Friday, March 16, 2012

Professional: Last day of class in Vietnam. We split into our smaller groups for the presentation of the students' development of a nursing theory. The presentations were very well done. I think the students were surprised that they were able to actually develop their own theory. This is a good assignment; I plan to implement it in my own NU 515 Nursing Theories class.

Personal: The students planned a Going Away Party. It was held at the hotel restaurant where we had enjoyed wonderful food 2 times before. They presented Dr. Kay and me with lovely gifts and well wishes for safe travel. The students were so kind to us--making sure we were safe and well fed the whole time we were here! They are wonderful people and excellent students. Our 2 UMP faculty were very helpful. I trust that they learned some valuable teaching strategies from us. Dr. Kay was a most helpful mentor. Even though I had read her book, learning the application in person from the source is so much better.

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