Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday & Tuesday, March 12 & 13

Professional: Because of class size, we have had to make some adjustments. All of class time was used yesterday for 18 presentations of a concept analysis. Kay and I each graded each presentation. Then last evening we compared our scores. We think our inter-rater reliability was in the high 90s although we did not run any type of official stats to confirm. For all but about 3 of the scores, we were within 1 point out of 100. The original plan was to have half the class present the theory they developed on Thursday and the other half on Friday. However, that would mean that 9 of the groups would only have one afternoon to work on this with Dr. Kay and me to assist/advise them. This did not seem at all fair to the students. So, we are going to use Thursday to work on this assignment and then on Friday, Kay will have her 9 groups present; my 9 groups will present in a different classroom. She will grade her groups and I will grade my groups. We are both comfortable with this arrangement in part because it seems that our grading is very similar.

We showed the Florence Nightingale movie in class today. Had a bit of a problem with the sound. Kay had to hold one of the microphones up to the speaker on the laptop for the students to be able to hear! She figured out how to use the subtitles on the movie which helped alot! I will do the same with my own classes as there are times when Flo speaks too softly. One of the students felt that the movie was so helpful in making the theory 'come alive'--my interpretation, not his words. He said that he would like to be able to show it to his own nursing students.
Personal: Several students took us back to a restaurant that we loved for lunch today. There is a wonderful buffet and the service is excellent. I accidentally ate some type of liver. Those of you that know me well know what a mistake that was!! After we returned to the hotel, Kay and I took a short walk around the neighborhood and through a local market. You could certainly buy fresh food there for cooking your supper. It is slightly dangerous because motorbikes are constantly driving through the middle of the market. You can just drive up on your bike and choose your food. We also saw a man getting a shave at a sidewalk barber chair. 

Best purchase for the trip: Earth brand sandals. They were comfortable from the first day I wore them.
Stupid mistake: Accidentally threw away the inside filter piece to my one cup coffee maker.
Wish I would have brought: Two electricity converters--I have to keep trading it off between my computer, Ipad, and the coffee maker.
Biggest annoyance: Well there are two: Verizon did not sell me a new phone that would in fact work in VN; I cannot access Facebook here.
That's all for tonight. I have found a channel that has CSI in English and plan to relax in front of the TV for an hour before bedtime. Missing all of my family and friends...With love from Vietnam.

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