Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday's Great Adventure

Personal: We began our great adventure at 0630 by heading east toward the sun, the sand, and water--3 of my favorite things. A group of our students had arranged a van for the trip. We stopped along the way at what I would say was analogous to a truck stop to eat breakfast. I had chicken and rice--I know, not a typical Nebraska breakfast although I also had eggs as a side dish.

Kay's husband Gayle joined us on the adventure.

It took about 2 1/2 hours to get to the seashore but was worth the trip. I had to keep myself from running right into the water. 

Some of the students didn't really enjoy the water but were happy to relax in the shelter, read, and talk. They brought wonderful snacks for us to share. My favorite was the grapefruit. I have never loved grapefruit but this was delicious--sweet and a little dry. Two of the students appeared to love the water as much as I do! 

The wind was so strong that my sun hat was nothing but a nuisance. One good sized wave managed to take me clear under but I didn't mind a bit. There were also 2 swimming pools there--one a salt water pool which really didn't make much sense to me. Kay and I swam in both.

After our swim time, we drove to a seaside restaurant. The fish was very fresh as you can see from some of the pictures.

Here is a picture of a shark just for Micah (above). This one is going to be someone's dinner!

Interesting fact about pop: You can buy Pepsi in HCM City but not Coke. Outside of the city, there is a huge Coke plant and Coke is available in other areas of VN. After this wonderful meal, we drove up into the hills/low mountains to a Pagoda. There were a fair number of steps to climb but well worth the effort.

On the trip back to HCM City, we stopped at a small town to go through their market. They were having what the students called a carnival. I had the 'pleasure' of using a pit toilet for the 2nd time that day. My knees are a problem...enough said! We arrived back to the hotel about 8:15 p.m., exhausted but very pleased with our great adventure!

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  1. It's a memorable trip. There're many things to tell with my friends when i return my hometown this weekend!