Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Good morning Vietnam-Saturday March 17, 2012

Personal: Pictures taken from my hotel room.

Time to head back to the USA...I will miss our students and the UMP faculty but it will be good to get home.
I repacked several times trying to fit Hue's clock into my luggage but I could not do it! I would have had to leave either my make up or my computer and I was unwilling to part with either one! Hue works at the airport in HCM City so she met me to pick up the clock.
The trip from HCM City to San Francisco was long and tiring. I had an 8 hour layover in Manila. On the leg from Manila to SF, I had paid extra ($50) to have an exit row so I would be able to stretch my legs during that 12 hour flight. This plan worked great on the way to HCM City but not so well on the way home. There was a couple in the seats next to me and all 3 of us FROZE during the flight. We tried blocking the cold air with magazines, carry on bags, the little pillows they give you but nothing worked. I even had a small blanket in my carry on but that did little to help. The flight attendant said that sometimes those areas are too hot and sometimes too cold. I will not be taking that chance again unless I bring Ugg boots and a down full length coat. Even my nose was freezing cold!
I arrived in SF about 7:30 p.m. on Saturday so on this trip, I had no March 2nd and two March 17ths--and, not 1 green beer to show for it!
Professional: The students have until March 24th to finish their final paper. Our UMP faculty will review them first with special focus on format congruent with UMP's style guide. Then they will email them to us for final grading. This has been an amazing experience which has enriched my worldview. On a practical level, it has given me ideas for course revisions at NWU.
Signing off for the Vietnam portion of this trip. I will add pictures of my SF visit later. Thank you all for your interest in my trip!

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